Object Oriented – Episode 2 – Games-based Learning in Museum Education

Object Oriented – Episode 2 – Games-based Learning in Museum Education

This episode of Object Oriented explores the ideas of games-based learning. It includes short excerpts from the @MMMooshme interview with Bernie deKoven and then explores examples from youth programs.

This podcast is hosted by Eve Gaus, (Digital Learning Manager at The Field Museum), Rik Panganiban (Senior Manager of Digital Learning at the California Academy of Sciences), and Barry Joseph (Associate Director of Digital Learning at the American Museum of Natural History).

—x—x— segments —x—x—

00:00 – 01:46 Teaser – Inspiration through Games
01:46 – 02:45 Introduction
02:45 – 17:50 Games, learning and museums – what’s the point?
17:50 – 38:00 Examples of games-based learning in museums
38:00 – 47:20 News of the Future, with Elizabeth Merritt
47:20 – 48:38 Follow us online

—x—x— show notes —x—x—

The Mooshme interview with Bernie deKoven can be found here.

Youth programs mentioned:

Cal Academy:

Field Museum:

American Museum of Natural History:

Dispatches from the Future of Museums: Sign up here for their weekly email, and see below for links to this episode’s stories:

  • “‘First Life’ Virtual Reality Doc Debuts at London’s Natural History Museum” (link)
  • “Brown University unveils 3D virtual-reality room” (link)
  • “School Field Trips Go Virtual” (link)
  • “Google Expeditions gives schoolkids Google Cardboard and phones so they can go to the moon” (link)
  • “3-D scans saving cultural artifacts destroyed by ISIS”  (link)
  • “Do touch the artwork at Prado’s exhibit for the blind”  (link)
  • “British Museum to give live tours over Periscope” (link)

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[PHOTO INFO: youth participants in “Virtual Expeditions” program at the California Academy of Sciences, October 2013.]

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