Object Oriented – Episode 5 – What’s New?

This episode of Object Oriented is about what new digital learning initiatives we’ve been working on at our respective institutions.

This podcast is hosted by Rik Panganiban (Senior Manager of Digital Learning at the California Academy of Sciences), Barry Joseph (Associate Director of Digital Learning at the American Museum of Natural History), and Eve Gaus, (Digital Learning Manager at The Field Museum), .

—x—x— segments —x—x—

00:00-00:40- Teaser – What’s new?
01:00-02:00 – Introduction
02:00-07:53 – Eve’s update
07:54-17:36 – Barry’s update
17:37-22:35 – Rik’s update
22:38-23:30 – Postscript: Last Object Oriented
21:31-24:06 – Follow us online

  • —x—x— show notes —x—x
    Resources mentioned:
  • Cornucopia (link)
  • Field Museum High School Digital Internship (link)



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[Photo Credit: B. Joseph]

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